Day 3 (Part Deux): Today was hard.

Day 3

Yo… today was hard folks. It was the last lazy day of a very lazy week. We had family visiting and since it’s summer, I’m working less to spend more time at home with the kiddos. The thing is, I haven’t been feeling so hot. The adrenaline from the last two days of this challenge have kept me moving, but today… today was hard. I alternated between finding ways to get my steps in, like pacing around the house and walking to the grocery store, and laying on the couch complaining of all sorts of “I feel sick” symptoms.

In the end, I have my husband to thank for hitting my step goal today. This morning, after publishing my Day 3 post, I decided to tell him about the challenge and blog. I had a feeling I would need to do some walking around the house throughout the day to get my steps in and he would likely want to know if something was wrong or if I had to pee. I have a pretty awesome husband, and as usual, he was supportive of my latest goal and asked me what my step count was throughout the day, reminding me to move. He kept me going whenever I felt like giving up. He also kept me from losing my shit (pardon the expression) when my Garmin suddenly went black. For an hour or so there, I thought I’d lost my ability to keep track of my steps. Luckily, it was still tracking and eventually came back online.

Now, after hitting my goal, here I sit, watching Avengers: Infinity War (again) while whining to myself about how gross I feel and hoping I feel better tomorrow in order to workout at 5:00 am. As much as I hate the idea of going to the gym tomorrow, I am desperate to get back into my “normal” daily routine. Without a routine, I feel off, but more about that some other time. Oh, and I logged all my food again today in MyFitnessPal. It’s a 2 day streak!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Monday’s only a few hours away.

“Final” step count: 15,431 – plus whatever few steps I’ll take between now and bedtime. 

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