Day 8: Welcome to week two.

Day 7

I went straight to bed after writing my Day 7 post. I would have loved to write that I somehow dug down deep and found the motivation to go out for a run and hit my step goal that late at night, but nope. That didn’t happen. It’s still a fail on the books. But, that’s ok.

Final step count: 1,704

Day 8

It’s been one week since I started this challenge. Today, I officially begin week two. It’s also my first (and hopefully last) “restart” day. At the beginning of week one, I shared my “before” stats. I wrote that I would check-in and update these weekly. I have a body fat assessment next week using a Bod Pod, so I considered postponing this update until then, but with the whole step goal fail yesterday, I wanted to restart with a fresh set of numbers. As you’ll see below, after the 2 lbs weight “loss” (fluctuation) I mentioned a couple of days ago, my weight bounced back up last night; and my measurements haven’t changed for the most part. My waist seems to have gone down an inch, but I’m inclined to believe that maybe I just took my initial measurement incorrectly?

I won’t draw any conclusions from these stats just yet, other than to point out that I’m at the very least maintaining my current weight and measurements. While losing weight and inches would have been great, gaining weight and inches would have been worse, so I’m ok with the lack of change this week; especially considering just how much I’ve been eating. I haven’t been great about logging my food, but I did log everything I ate most days since Saturday, and some of what I ate the rest of the days. Let me tell you, I’ve been eating and drinking a lot; to excess really. I truly believe that if it weren’t for all the extra walking I’ve done this week, I likely would have seen my weight, and maybe even some of my measurements, increase. Whether I like it or not, I may have to consider making some diet changes sooner, rather than later. But, not today – today, I’m going to hit my step goal.

               8/4/18        8/10/18 
Weight:        131.2 lbs     131 lbs
Bicep          10.75         10.75
Chest          35            35
Waist          31            30
Hips           37            37
Thigh          22            22
Calf           14            14

Current step total: 838

Current step goal streak: 0 days
Previous step goal streak: 6 days


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