Day 18: Food logging

Day 17

I’ve gotten very good at pacing around my living room while holding my iPad in order to get my steps in, but it’s really starting to cramp my style. I need to do better about getting my steps in earlier throughout the day, so I don’t have to resort to the living room laps at 10:00 pm to hit my goal. It may be effective, but it’s not exactly what you would call fun.

Final step count: 15,282

Day 18

It’s mid-week 3, and despite daily water-weight fluctuations, I haven’t actually lost any weight or inches. On the bright side, I haven’t continued to gain weight either, despite the excessive eating and drinking I’ve been doing, so that’s a win; but one of my reasons for starting this challenge was to get the snowball rolling in regards to making other habit changes as well, and that hasn’t manifested itself just yet.

Granted, I’ve faced some challenges hitting my step goal everyday. I’ve failed to reach it more than once, and I’m still a couple of days short of passing my initial step goal streak; but I’m feeling good about my progress. Despite the daily obstacles here and there, I’m confident I can to continue to overcome them and keep this streak going – even if it means the nightly living room laps must continue.

I’m ready to make a new habit change, and what better day to start than today?

I need to know exactly how much I’m eating so I can figure out what diet changes I’ll need to make in the future to get the scale, and measuring tape, moving in the right direction. At the beginning of this challenge, I mentioned I was going to try to log my food every day, but it wasn’t a priority. This week, it is. I’m committing to logging everything I eat in MyFitnessPal.

And to get started on the right foot, below are my most recent stats. You’ll notice there’s been no change; that isn’t a typo. What the smart fitness people say seems to be true – you just can’t out-exercise a bad diet.

                 8/4/18     8/10/18     8/20/18
Weight:          131.2 lbs  131 lbs     131 lbs
Measurements (in inches): 
Bicep            10.75      10.75       10.75
Chest            35         35          35
Waist            31         30          30
Hips             37         37          37
Thigh            22         22          22
Calf             14         14          14

Current step total: 1,067

Current step goal streak: 5 days
Previous step goal streak: 1 day
Longest step goal streak: 6 days

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