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Day 25: The Bod Pod

Yesterday was another high calorie day. I ate over 3,000 calories! There’s something about vacations and weekends that always seem to inspire me to overindulge. This is definitely a challenge I’ll have to address when the time comes to start cutting calories.

Tomorrow, I’m headed back to the wellness center to have my body fat tested in their Bod Pod. The Bod Pod is basically this egg looking thing that I have to sit in, wearing a swim cap and a bathing suit or sports bra and Lycra shorts. The technician then closes the “egg” and the machine measures my body composition through air displacement (or so says their website). I’m not really sure how the science behind it all works, but it feels like a change in air pressure. The test doesn’t take very long and the range of error is + or – 1% to 2.7%.

After the test is complete, the technician prints out my results. The results usually show my body fat and my lean body mass, both in terms of pounds and percentage. The printout also has a section where my current results are compared to my previous ones.

I’ve been having my body fat checked monthly since last December, but my summer vacation threw off my regular testing schedule. It also got me way off track in terms of weight loss progress – the impetus behind this challenge. Although I’m afraid I’ll see an increase of body fat in tomorrow’s results, I’m really looking forward to the reassessment. It’ll be a great starting point for future comparisons as this challenge continues.

To see my results, click here. To check out my September results, click on this.

Current step total: 10,606

Current step goal streak: 12 days
Previous step goal streak: 1 day
Longest step goal streak: 6 days
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