Day 26: Updated stats

Day 25

Yesterday, I was able to get my 15,000 steps in without having to walk any living room laps. Yay for me! I’m not sure what exactly made a difference yesterday. I ran a lot of errands, but I didn’t think I had walked all that much. Then again, we did walk the big kid to school, I walked to the grocery store, and I also gave the dog a long walk; so I guess it all just added up?

Final step count: 15,594

Day 26

In anticipation of my Bod Pod appointment this morning, I decided to update my stats. They’re listed further below.

I was surprised that despite this weekend’s binging, my weight was still under 130 lbs this morning. I know there’s no way I could have gained any actual fat overnight, but I should have seen a water weight increase of a couple of pounds at least.

I’d like to say I ate significantly better yesterday, but that would be untrue. My total calories at the end of the day were 2,469. I know better than to think I can continue to eat that way and not gain weight, regardless of how many steps I’m taking, but I think that means I can finally claim I’ve lost some weight since starting this challenge. I pulled up my weight history from my tracking app and my monthly average weight this month is 129.9 lbs – down 2 lbs from last month’s average.


I also seem to have lost an inch or so in some key areas. I’m always hesitant to claim the changes in my measurements as an increase or loss, unless they’re significant, because I tend to second guess how I took those measurements. Did I really lose a half-inch around my waist, or did I just pull the tape a little tighter this time? I try to be consistent in how I measure, but I’m only human. I make mistakes.

                 8/4/18     8/20/18     8/28/18
Weight:          131.2 lbs  131 lbs     128.6 lbs
Measurements (in inches): 
Bicep            10.75      10.75       10.75
Chest            35         35          35
Waist            31         30          29.5
Hips             37         37          36
Thigh            22         22          22
Calf             14         14          13.75

Regardless, I’m happy with my progress thus far. I started this challenge after gaining about 5 lbs while on vacation. My weight was continuing to creep up, and I just couldn’t seem to shake off the bad habits I’d relapsed into. Almost four weeks later, despite some initial rough patches, I finally moving forward in a positive way and starting to see changes.

In about an hour, I’ll get my body fat tested for the first time since June. I’m excited for it. While I’m sure it’ll likely show I’ve gained some fat, I’m confident it’ll be the next step in continuing to progress and make positive changes.

Current step count: 1,837

Current step goal streak: 13 days 
Previous step goal streak: 1 day 
Longest step goal streak: 6 days

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