Day 29: DietBet and the next three weeks

Day 28

So, I did a thing late last night. I stumbled across DietBet and impulsively joined a 6-month bet. DietBet, as I learned last night, is a website/app where you basically bet money on losing weight. Depending on what bet you choose to join, you have to lose a certain percentage of your weight by a certain time frame in order to hopefully win back your money and then some.

The bet I joined has six weight loss targets, one each month of the bet, that I’ll have to reach in order to win some cash. The first weight loss target is a month from September 4th, and it’s 3% of my weight (3.81 lbs).

That’s a little more weight that I had planned to lose this month by doing my Experiments 1 and 2.

I have 14 days to back out of this thing. I’m not sure what I’ll do; I’ll have to give it some thought. A 3% weight loss isn’t unreasonable, but it may require some changes to my aforementioned experiments.

Final step count: 15,569

Day 29

“Speaking” of my experiments, I figured it would be helpful to consolidate and recap my goals to complete both. In no particular order, I’ve committed to:

  1. keep my 15,000 step goal streak going (you know, the whole point of this blog);
  2. continue to log all of my meals;
  3. limit my daily consumption to 1,822 calories a day;
  4. weigh myself daily;
  5. log my daily total calories consumed and weight in my total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) spreadsheet;
  6. and lift weights three times a week (per the Strong workout program).

To stay on track, I created a tracking sheet for myself. I already wrote in the dates I intend to lift weights, based on my schedule over the next three weeks. I intend to include an updated photo of it in my daily posts for accountability, like so:

The last day of my experiments in September 19th. Once I have my updated Bod Pod results in hand The following day, I’ll have to reassess my actions and decide which way to go from there; especially if I intend to stick with this DietBet thing.

I’m excited to see how this will all turn out. I don’t think I’ve ever had this much fun trying to lose weight before. Hopefully that’s a good sign, and an indication that I’ll be able to stick with it.

Current step total: 5,332

Current step goal streak: 2 days
Previous step goal streak: 13 days
Longest step goal streak: 13 days

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