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Day 31: Overeating and water weight

I ate over 3,000 calories yesterday. I didn’t start my day intending to do so; but we spent the day at the amusement park, and there’s just something about being on vacation and at a park full of rides and churros, that makes it hard to make good nutrition choices.

I tried. I ordered a salad at lunch, and said no to the first offer of an ice cream sandwich; but the truth is, I enjoy indulging on sweets at amusement parks. I don’t normally eat desserts. I’m a salty, savory, meat and carbs person. Sugar isn’t really something I usually crave; so instead of feeling guilty and beating myself up over eating one (ok, maybe two) churros, I just enjoyed myself. I had a really great day.

Did I need to eat two churros to have fun? No. I could have enjoyed just one, or split one with my husband (an even better choice); but, I didn’t need to spend the day stressing out about my food choices either. It’s difficult to find the right balance between exercising willpower and letting go, especially in the moment. It’s much easier to write about what I should have done after the fact.

I’m not upset about my choices yesterday. I know food is the area I struggle most in. For me, walking laps around my living room to hit 15,000 steps a day is easy in comparison to trying to cut calories. I don’t expect to become good at it overnight. It’s a process.

Final step count: 17,060

Current step goal streak: 1 day
Previous step goal streak: 2 daysLongest step goal streak: 13 days
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