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Day 35: Pushing through the suck

My headache developed into a migraine yesterday. I tried to power through it, but by lunchtime I had to reschedule my appointments and head home.

It didn’t get any better as the evening went on.

On the bright side, I had walked quite a bit in the morning and although I tried to make myself feel better with food (I don’t recommend doing that), I didn’t lose too much control. I considered going to bed, even though I was short on my steps for the day, but I pushed myself to walk some living room laps instead. Fortunately, I didn’t have to walk too many and I woke up feeling a little better this morning – just enough to power through a full day of work. Hopefully, I’ll be back to normal tomorrow so I can get my workout in and finalize my work for the week.

Surprisingly, despite still struggling with a headache, I’ve gotten a lot of steps in today. I did a pretty good job of finding little ways to get my steps in here and there, if I do say so myself. I paced while waiting for an appointment and parked farther away from all of the places I had to go to. I walked to little kid’s daycare and then walked laps while both kids played at the park before dinner. I even typed up this post on my phone while doing some living room laps.

I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. Before this challenge, there’s no way I would have walked this much if I was feeling bad. You better believe I would have parked myself on the couch and spent the day watching bad TV, while also binging on comfort food and soda. I may be struggling to hit all of my goals everyday, but I’m in a much better place today than I was the day I wrote my Day 1 post. I’d say that’s a win.

Current step total: 14,762

Current step goal streak: 5 days
Previous step goal streak: 2 daysLongest step goal streak: 13 days
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