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Day 38: Next idea – meal prep

I fell into the black hole that is Netflix’ new high school movies last night. Before I knew it, it was almost midnight and there I was, sipping on a chuhai, adding to my calorie total for the day.

I should be kicking myself and whining about my lack of self-discipline, but I feel ok about it. That being “said,” I really do need to tighten my belt and get serious. I’m 11 days away from my next Bod Pod appointment, and my weight hasn’t changed in weeks.

I know fat loss doesn’t always mean weight loss. It’s possible my body composition has changed even though my weight hasn’t, but I’m also very well aware of how much I’ve eaten these past two weeks. And I can tell you, it’s been a lot.

That being said, I have a plan: I’m going to meal prep. I normally try to save meal planning and grocery shopping for Mondays, but I figured with my inability to stay under my calorie goal this week, it might be a good idea to get a head start on it today and give meal prepping a try.

I’m listening to the book, “Stick With It,” by Sean Young. It’s about making lasting changes. One of the concepts he discusses is making things easy. He basically writes that the easier a change is, the more likely we are to stick with it. If I can prep healthy meals ahead of time, I can make it easier for myself to make better food choices when I’m hungry.

My intent is to meal prep some healthy meals for myself for the week; things I can just grab from the fridge and warm up in the microwave for a quick meal. Maybe something like chicken with sweet potatoes and green beans, or turkey with brown rice and avocado.

The only downside to this plan is that I’m not a huge fan of reheated food, but, I can’t let that keep me from giving it a try. I need to try something different because what I’m currently doing obviously isn’t working.

Current step count: 1,252

Current step goal streak: 8 days
Previous step goal streak: 2 daysLongest step goal streak: 13 days
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