Day 41: Doing things I don’t want to do

Day 40

I stayed under my calorie again yesterday! It’s a two day streak!

Final step count: 15,655

Day 41

I overslept this morning and didn’t make it to the gym. My alarm went off at 4:30 am and I just couldn’t do it. I made up some excuse to justify it; I told myself I could work out after my morning appointments, since I didn’t have anything scheduled for the afternoon. That didn’t happen though, and truthfully, I knew it wouldn’t. I understand myself well enough to know I wasn’t going to make it to the gym in the afternoon.

I figured I would redo my workout schedule and just shift everything to the right a day, except when I glanced at my chart, it looked like I didn’t have the extra day to do it. My workout goal is the only goal I’ve been consistent with since I kicked off Experiments 1 and 2. I really didn’t want to ruin it at this point, so I put on my gym clothes, risked having a sleepless night, and went to the gym during big kid’s soccer practice.

Imagine my surprise when I went to my chart to check off my workout afterwards and realized I had the extra day after all. Oh well, at least I got it done. It also strengthened my resolve to stay under my calorie goal, setting me up for a three day streak, so there’s that too.

Current step count: 13,593

Current step goal streak: 11 days
Previous step goal streak: 2 days
Longest step goal streak: 13 days

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