Day 42: The scale is moving in the right direction

Day 41

I’m happy to write that I didn’t have to resist any temptations to keep myself from going over my calorie limit yesterday after I published my Day 41 post. I didn’t get any cravings or want anything. I was able to finish out the evening and just go to bed.

I also noticed that I have been hitting my daily step goal these past few days without the need for living room laps. I don’t think I’ve been more active lately, but maybe I’ve just gotten better at finding steps here and there? I’ve gotten into the habit of pacing around when I’m waiting for someone or something and parking a little farther when I drive somewhere; I guess it really does add up.

I’ve been riding my bicycle more often too. That doesn’t really affect my daily steps, but it helps keep me more active overall.

Final step count: 16,164

Day 42

I weighed myself as usual this morning and was excited to see the number finally dip below 126 lbs! Sticking to my goals is working! Who would have thought?

I’m also well on my way to staying under my calorie goal for today. I’ve already had dinner and I still have about 80 calories left.

I know I already wrote this above, but I truly am amazed by how much easier it’s become to hit my daily step goal. I walked over 14,000 steps before dinner today, without really trying very hard and despite volunteering at an event that was potentially sedentary. It really has become a habit to move around more. Now, I just need to make the rest of my goals habits as well.

Current step total: 16,799

Current step goal streak: 13 days
Previous step goal streak: 2 days
Longest step goal streak: 13 days

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