Day 43: Emotional eating

Day 42

I made it through the rest of the evening without going over my calorie goal for the day. Win!

Final step count: 18,354

Day 43

Unlike yesterday and the three days before it, I went over my calorie goal today. Despite how great I’ve been feeling, I woke up really tired today. I had another full day of volunteering, followed by an extra long afternoon meeting. It wasn’t stressful, but for some reason it just felt emotionally draining.

Maybe it was the rain, the workout I skipped today, or all the sugar cravings I gave into. Unfortunately, whenever I feel really tired, I crave the sweet stuff and have little energy to “just say no.” This is probably one of those reoccurring situations I should have a plan for to stay on track, but I don’t yet.

I know the scale is going to go up tomorrow morning as a result of the chicken tenders and fries I had for dinner. I know whatever extra weight it shows isn’t actually real weight gained, but still – like most people hoping to lose some weight, I prefer to see the numbers on the scale decrease.

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity. It’s just a little water weight, and compared to past binges, it could have been worse.

Happy Friday!

Current step total: 9,747

Current step goal streak: 13 days 
Previous step goal streak: 2 days
Longest step goal streak: 13 days

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