Day 48: My Bod Pod is tomorrow!

Day 47

I ended the day under my calorie goal with 15,344 steps. I didn’t get much sleep, but that’s neither here nor there.

Final step count: 15,344

Day 48

Tomorrow is the big day: Bod Pod day! For comparison, here are my results from my last Bod Pod assessment:

My total body weight was 127.139 lbs.

In my Experiments 1 and 2, I hypothesized that I would lose some weight if I ate at my estimated total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) calories because I believe my TDEE is higher than estimated. My estimated TDEE is 1,822 calories.

I then decreased my calorie goal to 1,522 calories because I joined a DietBet and need to lose about 1 lb a week in order to keep my money. I was afraid 1,822 calories wouldn’t result in a high enough calorie deficit for me to lose at least 1 lb per week.

Based on my entries in MyFitnessPal, I averaged:

  • 2,573 calories a day the week of my last Bod Pod
  • 1,856 calories a day the following week
  • 1,892 calories a day last week
  • and 1,479 calories a day so far this week.

If I assume that I’ll stay under my calorie goal today, and I average out the almost four weeks worth of calorie averages, I ate around 1,952 calories a day – a little over 100 calories higher than my estimated TDEE.

If my TDEE is correct, I should see an increase in my total weight tomorrow. If it’s wrong, and I’m right, I should see some weight loss.

My weight this morning on my scale here at home was 125.8 lbs. I think it’s safe to say I haven’t gained any weight and have likely lost some, as predicted, but unfortunately, I just wasn’t consistent enough from the get go to get some really good data. Regardless of what my results are tomorrow, I need to do better at staying under my daily calorie goal in order to better determine what my real TDEE is.

That being said, my other hypothesis was that I would gain some fat free mass as a result of my weight training. Although I still have a “final” workout to do today, I’ve been consistent in that area, so hopefully I’ll see some results in that area tomorrow.

Current step total: 496

Current step goal streak: 18 days
Previous step goal streak: 2 days
Longest step goal streak: 18 days

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