Day 49: Bod Pod day!

Day 48

I went straight to the gym yesterday as soon as I got the kids off to school. I had a lot of work to do, so I needed to get my workout done and out of the way before I sat down to write.

I haven’t posted much about my workouts. I wrote that I’m following the Strong program, but that’s about it. This phase of the program consists of eight exercises in supersets of two. I do two sets in the 12 reps range. Afterwards, there’s a short interval workout. I’ve been doing sprints and jumping rope for my intervals.

From my first workout to now, I’ve made a lot of progress in almost all of my exercises. I’ve gone from a basic plank to a plank with my feet elevated, goblet squats with a 50 lbs dumbbell to a 55 lbs dumbbell, step ups and lunges from 15 lbs dumbbells to 25 lbs dumbbells, and one-arm bent over rows from a 20 lbs dumbbell to a 30 lbs dumbbell. The only exercise I’m still really struggling is with the inverted row.

Inverted rows suck. My back is weak and I can barely finish a set with my knees bent. I’m sure I’ve made some progress in it so far, but I really can’t tell.

Overall though, I’m getting stronger. Even if my workouts don’t produce a change in my fat free mass today like I’m hoping it has, I can still be content with how much I’ve improved from one workout to the next. It’s not all about the weight loss.

Final step count: 19,697

Day 49

I’m dressed, fasting, and ready to go get tested. My spreadsheet is all filled in and I’ve already made a draft of my next sheet. I didn’t snap a picture of it before running out of the house because: kids.

All I need now are my updated results in order to decide what goals to keep and which ones to change over the next few weeks.

I also just realized I’ll also be taking an updated fitness test this morning as well, right after my Bod Pod assessment. I’ve been focusing so much on my Experiments 1 and 2, that I completely forgot about it. I’m hoping to see some improvements after all this working out I’ve done. I’ll be floored and frustrated if my score isn’t better than my previous test.

It’s just about that time though, so I guess I’ll just have to do my best and see what happens.

Current step total: 1,956

Current step goal streak: 19 days 
Previous step goal streak: 2 days
Longest step goal streak: 19 days

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