Day 49 (Part Deux): Drumroll please…

Day 49

I completed my fit test and Bod Pod this morning.

My hypotheses were:

  1. My total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) is higher than my estimated TDEE of 1,822, so I can lose some weight by eating 1,822 calories a day.
  2. I can increase my fat free mass by following the Strong program consistently.

So, was I right?

After tossing out the calories from the first week of binging (I averaged over 2,500 calories a day that week), I ate an average of 1,815 calories per day – a few calories below my estimated TDEE of 1,822 calories. If my estimated TDEE was right, my weight should have stayed the same, but it didn’t. I lost almost 2 lbs. Conclusion: my TDEE is definitely higher than 1,822 calories.

I’d love to call that a win, but…

Despite completing all of my planned workouts, I actually lost 1 lb of fat free mass. Although fat free mass accounts for more than just muscle, I’m feel pretty confident that my loss was primarily muscle mass. Conclusion: I cannot gain fat free mass by following the Strong program at a calorie deficit.

I’m really disappointed. I know I shouldn’t be. It was unrealistic to think I could increase my fat free mass while eating at a calorie deficit. Conventional wisdom says muscles need calories to grow. The most I should have hoped for was to retain the fat free mass I had, but instead, I had hoped I might be the beneficiary of some “newbie gains.” Obviously, I was not.

To add onto my feelings of disappointment, my fit test was a mixed bag as well. I increased my VO2 max and grip strength, but did worse on my back strength and flexibility.

That being said, I don’t feel discouraged. Disappointed yes, but not discouraged. I just need to think this through and set some new goals for the next four weeks. This isn’t over yet.

Current step total: 4,975

Current step goal streak: 19 days 
Previous step goal streak: 2 days
Longest step goal streak: 19 days

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