Day 53: On writing

Day 52

I was concerned I’d end the day close to the top of my calorie range yesterday. I ate quite a bit in the morning. But, I focused on staying active throughout the day to prevent any unnecessary cravings and I drank a whole lot of water. Usually, if I stay hydrated I tend to eat a lot better and crave less, but I haven’t been drinking much of that clear stuff the last couple of days.

The rain finally took a breather and the sun was out, so I spent as much time as possible outside. I took the dog for a couple of extra long walks and did some weeding in the garden. I even took little kid for a bike ride.

The best parts of yesterday though? I didn’t have to walk any living room laps to meet my step goal, I increased my weights during my workout, and I felt really great all day. I felt energetic, motivated, and happy. I also weighed myself in the morning again, right after filling it out my sheet. I’d originally weighed myself while wearing some pretty heavy PJs, heavier than what I normally wear to weigh myself; so I figured it might not be the most accurate weight for today. My updated weight: 124.8 lbs! Not bad for a Sunday.

Final step count: 19,220

Day 53

I’ve been thinking a lot about these daily posts I write. I started this blog to keep my goals fresh on my mind every day and to help me stay accountable. I didn’t start it with the intention of it necessarily being read by others, so the style they’re written in tends to be a sort of edited verbal diarrhea, with no real beginning or end.

Although I’m writing for myself, I did assume there might be someone out there who’ll read what I’ve written, so I think I’ve held back my “authentic voice” a bit. The unedited me is a lot more volatile, to say the least. And a lot more verbose. I talk a lot “in real life,” and that means I tend to write a lot too. Plus, I love to write, so I can easily do it for hours. It may not be good writing, but I can do a ton of it.

Since I’ve started this blog though, I’ve been followed by a few people, which is really cool and super motivating. Knowing there might be at least one person out there reading my posts and hopefully getting something out of them has really helped me stick to this challenge. If it weren’t for this blog and the people who’ve chosen to read it and like and comment on my posts, I’m pretty sure I would have given up already. I wouldn’t be seeing the changes I’ve made so far by sticking with it.

The thing with having readers is that it’s made me wonder if I should change my writing style? Should I write assuming my posts will be read by at least one other person? Should I add more details and make the things I have to say a lot more engaging? If I’m just writing for myself, I can limit my daily post to, “I hit all my goals yesterday,” because well, I was there. But if I write for a reader, I can include a lot more detail about how I got there, what challenges I faced, how I overcame them or why I failed.

I’ve never been confident about my writing ability, so I guess I’m afraid that writing for others will highlight my flaws and open me up to judgment. But, If I’m writing for myself, it doesn’t really matter if the posts are bad or whatnot, they’re not being written for “public consumption,” so to speak.

For me, life is about growth, and you can’t grow unless you take risks and try for more than you’ve done before; so going forward, I think I’ll start writing for others and I may even start to share my “true” self. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Current step total: 91

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