Day 56: Week “2”

Day 55

After walking living room laps for what seemed like hours, I hit my daily step goal and decided to fill out the rest of my tracking sheet for today (with the exception of my step total, since it wouldn’t be accurate just yet). I decided to highlight the last day of each week since my last Bod Pod for easier comparison. I also averaged my daily calories for this first week and wrote it to the right of my highlighted row.

This week’s average daily calories: 1,788.

It’s not as low as I’d hoped, but it’s under my estimated total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) of 1,822. And most importantly, I still lost 1 lb this past week (see below). Win!

Final step count: 15,740

Day 56

On the tracking sheet pictured above, I also wrote my weight as measured by the Bod Pod to the right of the first row. I figured I can consider it a much more accurate weight for comparison than the weight from my home scale. My home scale weighed me in at 126.4 lbs on September 20th; the Bod Pod came in at 125.255 lbs.

One week later, after consuming an average of 1,788 calories a day, I’m down 1 lb. This morning’s weight: 124.2 lbs. It’s what I had hoped to see, but more than I’d actually expected.

I want to celebrate the loss, it’s a win right? That’s what I wrote above; but I am a tad bit concerned that half of that may be muscle loss. I truly do need to step up my protein eating game. I’m so not about the skinny fat life.

Current step total: 387

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