Day 68: And I thought living room laps sucked

Day 67

You know what’s worse than living room laps? Walking/marching in place. Want to know how long it takes to walk 13,000 steps by walking in place? I’m guessing more than an hour, maybe more than two. I wouldn’t know though because I gave up after about half an hour.

It’s the first time I’ve ever outright given up on hitting my steps since I started this challenge. The little room in the boat was hot, the floorboards creaked, and my knees kept making strange, old-people sounds. After about 30 minutes of trying to walk in place quietly after everyone else had fallen asleep, I said screw it and went to bed.

I’m back to zero.

Final step count: 5,412

Day 68

We’re headed to the island the movie Castaway was filmed at today. It’s the third island in the picture below, from left to right.

We plan to do some hiking, so hopefully I shouldn’t have any trouble hitting my step goal. I really don’t want to make this whole “not hitting my step goal” thing a habit.

Current step total: 247

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