Days 86 & 87: Uncertainty

Day 85

Friday was a lazy evening of sorts. It’d been a while since I’d just vegged out and did some binge TV watching, so after the kids were put to bed and the dog was walked, I parked myself in the couch to watch back-to-back episodes of a Korean drama I found on Netflix.

At around 10pm, I remembered my steps and checked my watch. I was about 50 steps short of my daily goal. I should have stood up at that moment and did a quick lap or two, but I figured I’d walk those steps when I went back to the kitchen to refill my drink or something.

Unfortunately, that moment never came. I got distracted and went to bed 32 steps short of my goal. I also overrate, because hey, at that time of night, snacking just seems like the thing to do.

Final step count: 14,968

Day 86

I wrote a post yesterday. It’s still sitting in my drafts. It was about my new plan for these next few weeks. There was nothing special about it, just my new goals and what I think I might do, but when I reread it before clicking on publish, I had one of those, “why am I writing this?” moments.

I am self-conscious about my writing. It’s one thing to write assuming no one else but me will read it; it’s another to write knowing that someone else just might come across it and read it as well.

I’m generally an open book. I overshare at times, and I’m ok with that. Or so I tell myself. I’m not ashamed to be who I am. But when it comes to expressing myself in the written form, my confidence at times escapes me.

None of that really matters now though because here I am, typing up another post. That’s what matters right? That despite how I may feel, I haven’t given up.

Final step count: 9,383

Just because I haven’t given up though, doesn’t mean I’m doing all that great. I woke up sick today. Needless to say, I didn’t eat very well and I’m way behind on my step goal. I honestly don’t think I’ll hit it today.

But, tomorrow is a new day and it’s a Monday. What better day for a fresh start than a Monday? Hopefully I’ll wake up feeling much better and I’ll be able to hit the gym and share my plans for the coming four weeks. I’ve still got a ways to go to hit my goals, and I’ve got a lot of steps to take to finally get on track to successfully complete this challenge.

Current step total: 7,801

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