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Day 64: DietBet results

The official weigh-in for the month-long DietBet I signed up for was earlier this week. Despite the water weight fluctuations I’ve been struggling with, I managed to scrape by and “win.” In other words, I didn’t lose my money. I don’t know how much I’ll get in terms of the payout, but from what I’ve read online, I’m not expecting much.

I also had to weigh-in today for the 6-month DietBet I’m participating in. After yesterday’s unplanned maintenance calorie day, it’s a miracle I still came in under my goal weight for the month. I was seriously expecting to see the scale inch up again.

I switched Sunday’s rest day to this morning, and pushed my two remaining workouts for the week to tomorrow and Sunday. I was tired and sore, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt since we’re going on vacation next week, so I won’t be working out then anyway. I am considering going for a slow jog later though, just to get my muscles loose and do some stretching afterwards; but we’ll see how that goes.

Happy Friday!

Current step total: 2,742

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