Day 46: Challenges

One of the many challenges of trying to walk 15,000 steps a day is the initial streak hurdle. When you’ve only hit your step goal for one, two, or three consecutive days, it’s easy to blow it off and start over again if you’re too tired or cranky. You haven’t gotten very far just yet, so no big deal right?

That’s the challenge I’m facing right now. I’m exhausted and I want to go to bed. My step goal seems out of reach since I’m only at 5,842 steps for the day. Hitting 15,000 would require over an hour and a half’s worth of living room laps, and frankly, it just doesn’t seem worth it right at this moment.  I’m so tired! Isn’t getting a good night’s rest more important?

When it comes down to it, it really doesn’t matter what excuse I come up with or how I justify it. What matters is what I choose to do or not do, and the only person it really matters to is me, right? Why all the drama? Sometimes going to sleep is the right answer. At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself tonight.

Days 70 – 72

I had to give some thought to what day today is (in terms of this challenge). My days all seem to be blending together on this vacation, especially since I’ve stopped tracking my meals and can’t track my steps.

Yup, I’ve stopped tracking meals too. We arrived at the resort yesterday for the last two days of our vacation, and I just sort of threw my hands in the air, ordered a cocktail, and said screw it.

I’ll go back to tracking once we land in Japan and I wake up in my own bed on Monday morning. Hopefully, I won’t do too much damage between now and then. I’m sure I’ll have some water weight to contend with, but that’s to be expected right?

I’m not sure whether or not I’ll post again before then. Maybe at the airport while we’re waiting on our flight home. Until then, have a wonderful weekend!

Day 5 (Part Deux): These are the times…

Day 5

As with many challenges, there comes a time (or many) where you may reach a crossroads of sorts. You can choose the more difficult path that will likely take you to your goal, or you can say, “fuck it” (pardon the language) and take the path that leads to cupcakes. Sometimes, you don’t realize you’re on the path to cupcakes until it’s almost too late, and the question becomes, should I double back? Can I still turn around?

I invited a new friend over this evening for Taco Tuesday. I had a cocktail with dinner, a cocktail post dinner, and – thanks to my wonderful husband who took care of the kids and clean-up so I could continue hanging out with my friend – a third cocktail for good measure. I had a good time.

But, way too many episodes of Netflix’ Nailed It later, I’m exhausted and I have a slight headache. I’ve reached my crossroads. Do I follow the path that leads to a 5:00 am wake-up and workout? Do I follow the path that leads to sleeping in and no workout? Or do I just say “screw it, ” take some ibuprofen, and bake some cupcakes? I don’t know.

On the bright side, I hit my step goal. I failed to log all my meals today, but I got all my steps in. That’s the whole point of this challenge anyway, right?

“Final” step count: 15,469 (plus whatever steps I take between now and when I finally go to bed)