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Day 69: Unplanned “hiatus”

I drowned my Garmin yesterday. I didn’t mean to; it’s supposed to be water resistant to a certain depth, but it wasn’t. All of the steps I took and all of the progress I made towards my step goal today is gone.

He won’t outright say so, but I think my husband is secretly glad my Garmin kicked the bucket. He isn’t a fan of my late night living room laps – especially while on vacation and even more so since we’re spending said vacation on a small boat. He’s supportive of my goals, but he doesn’t necessarily likes them.

Unfortunately, along with my Garmin, all of my self-restraint and motivation died too. Both yesterday and today were above-maintenance calorie days. Ironically, just a little while ago, an email from the wellness center popped into my inbox requesting I schedule my next Bod Pod. Today is technically the end of the third week since my last one.

My husband recently upgraded his Garmin, so I intend to use his old one (it’s the same model as my now-deceased one) instead of buying a new one. It’s back at home though, so I don’t really have a way of tracking my steps at the moment, unless I try to carry my phone with me everywhere – which I don’t intend to do on vacation.

We’re scheduled to return home on Sunday, so I’ll have to start fresh on Monday. It’s not the ideal solution, but it’s the best one I have. Until then, I’ll just have to do my best to stay active and not go over my maintenance calorie goal.

Current step total: your guess is as good as mine

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