Days 2, 3, & 4: Fail so soon?

I managed to push through and hit my goal on Tuesday, but yesterday was a fail. I lost track of time and ended the day almost 2,000 steps short. I can’t say I’m doing much better today either. It’s already past 8:00 pm and I’m not even at 5,000 steps yet. I’m finding it a […]

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Day 76: I did it!

Day 76 I made it to the gym this morning. I didn’t want to go. I dreaded it the entire walk to the gym; but I went and I worked out. Granted, I felt weak and cranky, but I got it done. That being said, I realized I’m not really enjoying this new workout I’m […]

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Day 34: I need a nap.

Day 33 So I didn’t stay under my calorie goal yesterday, but I didn’t blow it by a whole lot either. I consider that an accomplishment considering it was our weekly dinner with friends last night. I managed to “just say no” to cocktails and did a pretty good job of paying attention to my […]

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