Day 46: Challenges

One of the many challenges of trying to walk 15,000 steps a day is the initial streak hurdle. When you’ve only hit your step goal for one, two, or three consecutive days, it’s easy to blow it off and start over again if you’re too tired or cranky. You haven’t gotten very far just yet, so no big deal right?

That’s the challenge I’m facing right now. I’m exhausted and I want to go to bed. My step goal seems out of reach since I’m only at 5,842 steps for the day. Hitting 15,000 would require over an hour and a half’s worth of living room laps, and frankly, it just doesn’t seem worth it right at this moment.  I’m so tired! Isn’t getting a good night’s rest more important?

When it comes down to it, it really doesn’t matter what excuse I come up with or how I justify it. What matters is what I choose to do or not do, and the only person it really matters to is me, right? Why all the drama? Sometimes going to sleep is the right answer. At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself tonight.

Day 12: I should have known better

After five challenging, but successful days, I ruined my streak by less than four hundred steps.

It was such a dumb way to fail.

After walking hours of living room laps because I’d spent the day on the couch recovering from one too many cocktails the night before, I decided to take a short break. I only had about 350 steps to go and it’s was only 10pm; there was plenty of time to get those steps in – or so I thought.

I got comfortable. I lost track of time. It wasn’t until after midnight that I realized I hadn’t finished walking my steps. I quickly opened the Garmin app on my phone and saw it: 14,679 steps.

So frustrating.

I knew better. As I sat on the couch to relax, i remember having the fleeting thought that I shouldn’t sit down. With so few steps left, I should just go ahead and finish them right away. Why risk it?

But risk it I did, and I failed.

No biggie though. Shit happens. I’ll learn from today and do better tomorrow. I’ll have a new streak going in no time.

Day 76: I did it!

Day 76

I made it to the gym this morning. I didn’t want to go. I dreaded it the entire walk to the gym; but I went and I worked out. Granted, I felt weak and cranky, but I got it done.

That being said, I realized I’m not really enjoying this new workout I’m doing. I’m not sure whether to stick with it, or try something different. I won’t make any decisions about it tonight, but I will definitely give it some thought and try to come up with something tomorrow.

Regardless, I’ll stick with the program for now. My husband won’t be around in the morning, and I have to work, but I should be able to complete my scheduled high intensity interval training (HIIT) early in the am from home, before the children wake up.

Assuming I wake up on time that is. I’ve been averaging about 4 hours of sleep a night; no bueno. I’m exhausted. I need a real, full night’s sleep.

Speaking of sleep, it’s past my bedtime. Good night everyone!

Final Step Count: 18,477

Days 70 – 72

I had to give some thought to what day today is (in terms of this challenge). My days all seem to be blending together on this vacation, especially since I’ve stopped tracking my meals and can’t track my steps.

Yup, I’ve stopped tracking meals too. We arrived at the resort yesterday for the last two days of our vacation, and I just sort of threw my hands in the air, ordered a cocktail, and said screw it.

I’ll go back to tracking once we land in Japan and I wake up in my own bed on Monday morning. Hopefully, I won’t do too much damage between now and then. I’m sure I’ll have some water weight to contend with, but that’s to be expected right?

I’m not sure whether or not I’ll post again before then. Maybe at the airport while we’re waiting on our flight home. Until then, have a wonderful weekend!

Day 61: Off plan

Day 60

Is it terrible that I can’t really remember what I did yesterday? I know I got my workout in, and my tracker says I hit my step goal and stayed within my calorie range for the day, but I seem to be drawing a blank on the rest so…

Final step count: 15,266

Day 61

I went out to lunch with a friend today, and despite my attempts at keeping my meal within a reasonable calorie total, I went over. Tuesdays are our weekly dinner with friends, so I knew lunch would likely push me over my calorie range. I did the math, and I figured that if I gave myself the ok for a second high-calorie day, I could still average less than 1,800 calories a day for the week.

The problem is, I overdid it. I ate almost 2,500 calories. Granted, I can still stay within my weekly average if I stay under 1,600 calories tomorrow, but I don’t want to fall into the trap of “borrowing” calories to overeat. I’ve been down that road before and it’s never worked out well for me.

That being said, it’s too late now, the calories have been eaten. I can’t change the choices I already made, but I can make better ones tomorrow. Weight loss, and weight gain, is just the result of all the little choices we make each day over a period of time. One bad day isn’t going to ruin the progress I’ve made as long as I don’t allow it to become the first of many.

Current step total: 17,451

Day 51: Darn it!

Day 50

My friends and I usually get together on Tuesday nights. I make dinner. We eat. We drink. We talk. And everyone goes home before 10:00 pm because they work the next day.

This week, we moved dinner to Friday (last night) and ordered pizza. I was so proud of myself when everyone left and I had managed to resist the urge to have “just one more slice of pizza” and “just one more drink.” Then I realized it was 11:45 pm and was still short about 1,500 steps.

I started pacing frantically and even ran in place towards the end, but I ran out of time. I ended the day at 14,742 steps – 258 steps short of my goal.

I’m disappointed that I missed my step goal and killed my longest streak to date. I could have made it if I’d just paid a little more attention to the time. I forgot that with it being Friday, my friends would likely stay longer, which means I wouldn’t have the opportunity to walk living room laps after they left to make up in steps I may be missing.

And, if I had been paying attention, I could have gotten up more often and walked around, or taken the dog for a longer walk. There are a number of ways I could have squeezed 258 steps into my day. I’ll just have to plan my day out better next time; maybe ensure I hit my step goal before anyone comes over, just in case.

Final step count: 14,472

Day 51

It’s Saturday! We don’t have much planned today and it’s gross and rainy out, so we’ll likely stay in and be lazy. I’ll have to walk around the house a whole lot to get my steps in and get back on track. I’m up for the challenge though. I need to make up for yesterday’s disappointment.

Current step total: 2,093

Current step goal streak: 0 days
Previous step goal streak: 20 days
Longest step goal streak: 20 days

Day 43: Emotional eating

Day 42

I made it through the rest of the evening without going over my calorie goal for the day. Win!

Final step count: 18,354

Day 43

Unlike yesterday and the three days before it, I went over my calorie goal today. Despite how great I’ve been feeling, I woke up really tired today. I had another full day of volunteering, followed by an extra long afternoon meeting. It wasn’t stressful, but for some reason it just felt emotionally draining.

Maybe it was the rain, the workout I skipped today, or all the sugar cravings I gave into. Unfortunately, whenever I feel really tired, I crave the sweet stuff and have little energy to “just say no.” This is probably one of those reoccurring situations I should have a plan for to stay on track, but I don’t yet.

I know the scale is going to go up tomorrow morning as a result of the chicken tenders and fries I had for dinner. I know whatever extra weight it shows isn’t actually real weight gained, but still – like most people hoping to lose some weight, I prefer to see the numbers on the scale decrease.

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity. It’s just a little water weight, and compared to past binges, it could have been worse.

Happy Friday!

Current step total: 9,747

Current step goal streak: 13 days 
Previous step goal streak: 2 days
Longest step goal streak: 13 days