Day 1: Here we go again

Yesterday was challenging. I’ve been off the wagon for so long, I’ve lost the habit of checking my Garmin to see how many steps I’ve taken. I’ve also gotten into the bad habit of reflexively dismissing all of the alerts I set up in my phone to remind myself to walk more. It’s funny how […]

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Day 53: On writing

Day 52 I was concerned I’d end the day close to the top of my calorie range yesterday. I ate quite a bit in the morning. But, I focused on staying active throughout the day to prevent any unnecessary cravings and I drank a whole lot of water. Usually, if I stay hydrated I tend […]

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Day 20: New streak!

Day 20 I officially surpassed by previous step goal streak yesterday. I’ve walked at least 15,000 steps a day for seven days straight! Woo hoo! Now to keep the streak going. The Strong workout plan I’m trying to follow consists of three workouts each week. My plan was to do the second workout this morning, […]

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Day 4: Strong

Day 4 It’s Monday. I woke up this morning when my alarm went off at 5:00 am, and despite not feeling the best, I managed to get up and hit the gym. I restarted Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove’s Strong program. It’s a strength program consisting of three phases of full-body workouts done 2-3 times […]

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