Day 0: A fresh start

It’s the Sunday night of Thanksgiving Day weekend. I’ve spent the last three days eating and sitting around. I feel heavy, bloated, and basically all-around gross. Tomorrow was supposed to be my next Bod Pod appointment. It’s been over four weeks since my last one, and almost just as long as since I’ve written a […]

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Day 65: So many donuts

Day 64 I received the notification of how much I won from my month-long DietBet. The initial bet was $35. I won $49.25! Woo hoo! That’s a profit of almost $15. Or as DietBet refers to it – a 40.7% return on my investment. I also discovered the solution to my protein problem: grilled chicken […]

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Day 53: On writing

Day 52 I was concerned I’d end the day close to the top of my calorie range yesterday. I ate quite a bit in the morning. But, I focused on staying active throughout the day to prevent any unnecessary cravings and I drank a whole lot of water. Usually, if I stay hydrated I tend […]

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Day 51: Darn it!

Day 50 My friends and I usually get together on Tuesday nights. I make dinner. We eat. We drink. We talk. And everyone goes home before 10:00 pm because they work the next day. This week, we moved dinner to Friday (last night) and ordered pizza. I was so proud of myself when everyone left […]

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