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Day 62: Oh the pain!

Today was my second weight lifting workout of the week. I’m following a new workout plan that I got from a DietBet hosted by Jamie Eason. I hadn’t planned on doing anymore DietBets, but what can I say? I’m a Jamie Eason fan, and I’m a sucker for new workout programs. I thought I felt sore yesterday, but this morning it was worse. Sitting for even a short period of time caused my legs to immediately stiffen up. I spent the day walking around like Frankenstein. I looked ridiculous.

The crazy thing is, there’s nothing special about these new workouts. The only difference is that instead of doing less reps at a higher weight, I’m now doing more reps at a lower weight. The soreness though; it’s as if I hadn’t been working out at all these past few weeks. I blame it on the burpees. Man, I hate burpees.

A friend mentioned I needed to eat more protein. I agree. I’m still failing miserably in that department. I’m barely at 50 grams today and it’s almost 9 pm. I was so busy that I just didn’t get a chance to eat much, so I have plenty of calories to spare. There’s no reason why I can’t eat some more protein now. I’m just not hungry though, and the thought of chugging a protein shake makes my stomach turn.

Oh well, I guess I just need to accept that I won’t hit 100 grams of protein today and go to bed. I’d like to confidently write that I’ll do better tomorrow, but my track record thus far isn’t very reassuring. This really shouldn’t be such a hard thing to do – it’s food, I just need to eat it. But I can’t seem to get out of my own way.

Current step total: 15,825

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